There will be a reception with food and drinks on Monday, May 8th, 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Where: Ponderosa 18th floor lounge.  If you are staying at UBC Conferences and Accommodations, the lounge will be in the same building.  The hotel front desk will be able to help you find the lounge should there be any difficulties.

*** TALKS ***


o 40 min talks, 36+4
o For the 20 min talks, please plan on 16+4
o 5 min, 4+1
o Please note that discussion time is also set aside, so the question period after each talk is not the only opportunity to ask questions.

We will have a laptop available with Keynote, Powerpoint, and Adobe.  Before each session, we will ask speakers to transfer their files to the laptop.

We will have the following tool for talks for those who wish to use it.  We will have clickers available for everyone at the conference, and the conference laptop will be enabled to support using clickers during the talks.  This is a very useful tool for getting the audience to participate in the talk, to check whether people understood a key point, or to help you decide whether to spend more time on a topic.  While this is most relevant for the 20 and 40 min talks, everyone is welcome to use this feature.  I just ask that you write me soon to let me know if you are interested, as I will give you further details.


o As with previous emails, you are welcome to bring a poster.
o Please keep posters within 44″x44″.


From the airport

o There is public transportation from the airport (YVR) to UBC. You can use to see the best schedule.  Make sure you start at YVR Airport Station and travel to UBC Exchange (Google maps will list this as UBC Loop). There will be signs in the airport letting you know where to go.  Expect to first take the Canada Line (train).  You will eventually transfer to a bus.  The trip should take about 50 min.

o Taxis run regularly and will cost between $30 and $40.


o UBC has a wayfinding site with an interactive map:

o If you are taking public transportation, you will be dropped off by the “New Bus Exchange” right next to the aquatic centre.

o If you are going to the hotel or reception, you will want to go to the area called Ponderosa Commons, heading eventually to Cedar or Oak House.

o The conference itself is held at the Peter Wall Institute for Advance Study (PWIAS).  It is at the northern part of campus, just past the Belkin Art Gallery. It is also next to a huge flagpole, a lookout over the mountains and sea, and the rose garden.  There will be signs showing the rest of the way once you are at PWIAS.