Invited Speakers

The invited speakers will help to guide the general direction of the conference and to set the stage for contributed talks and discussions from the conference participants.

We are pleased to announce our science invited speakers, who will discuss general properties of chondrules, chondrule formation models, dust formation and evolution, observations of discs, and the dynamical connections between chondrules and parent bodies.

  • Sara Russell  (Natural History Museum, London)
  • Melissa Morris (SUNY Cortland)
  • Catherine Espaillat (Boston University)
  • Michel Lambrechts (Lund Observatory)
  • Sean Andrews (CfA)
  • Kevin Walsh (SwRI)

We are further pleased to announce our art-themed speakers, who will be discussing science visualization, science journalism, and data transformation.

  • Robert Hurt (IPAC)
  • Nola Redd (Freelance science writer)
  • Christopher Harley (UBC)